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Access to Braille in the Publishing Industry

Access to Braille in the Publishing Industry

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In 2022, All Written Things founder Elaelah Harley completed her Master of Editing and Publishing after creating a dissertation on the topic of equity and equality within the publishing industry.

This dissertation focused on the access to Braille for visually impaired readers specifically, as Elaelah found Braille-printed texts are increasingly going out of publication due to the rise in technological advancements (like e-Readers and audiobooks). 

While there may be substitutes for ways to consume published content (whether it be fiction books, research projects, or other forms of literature), this does not substitute the skills gained through the "act of reading", even when using your fingers to decode Braille sequences. 

As there is minimal research on the topic of Access to Braille in the Publishing Industry, please feel free to access a copy of Elaelah's research project here. After all, the more education available on this topic, the more chance we have for a higher focus on Braille printing in the publishing industry.

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