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If you’re sitting on a manuscript that you want to send out into the world, make sure it is in the best possible shape before sending it to literary agents and publishers. That’s where All Written Things’ Australian book editors come in, offering reliable book editing services for novels, memoirs, scripts, or anything else you’re working on. 

Feeling swamped with all the options for selecting a freelance editor? We're here to simplify the process for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of extended waiting periods, doubts about accuracy, and time zone conflicts. At All Written Things, we offer a straightforward solution – expect promptness, precision, and flexibility that aligns perfectly with your schedule.

We’re based in Brisbane, Queensland and understand that a local touch is important for many Australian writers. Our top-tier English copyediting services are conducted by seasoned academic professionals equipped with extensive training in editing and proofreading. So why not get in touch and see how we can prepare your manuscript for the journey ahead? 

We eagerly tackle book editing projects of all sizes, ranging from concise novellas to sprawling epics. No matter where you find yourself in the editing process, our comprehensive suite of professional book editing options is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Every Writer Needs a Book Editor: How Editors Shape Stories

You've poured your heart and soul into your book. Countless hours of writing and rewriting to craft your story just right. But there comes a time when you need to hand your book over to a professional book editor. Why, you ask? Because as close as you are to your book, you may struggle to see it objectively. A fresh set of expert eyes is critical when it comes time to review, refine, and improve your book.

Australian book editors play a vital role in the journey of authors. Here's a concise breakdown of their essential services:

  • Enhancing Strength: Book editors strengthen your manuscript, making it the best it can be before publication.
  • Plot Hole Detection: They uncover unnoticed plot holes, ensuring a seamless narrative.
  • Pacing and Character Improvement: Editors identify areas for reworking to enhance pacing and character development.
  • Grammatical Perfection: Editors meticulously correct grammatical errors and typos that might have been overlooked.
  • Elevating the Book: Beyond corrections, editors challenge authors to elevate your books to new heights.

Your book deserves the very best. Don't let it go out into the world without the polish only a professional book editor can provide. Readers and agents will thank you, and your book will be all the better for it. If you want your book to reach its full potential, contact All Written Things today.

Types of Editing Services: Which Kind Does Your Manuscript Need?

Once you have a finished manuscript, it’s time to consider what level of editing it needs. Editing services range from basic proofreading all the way up to heavy rewriting and restructuring. The type you choose depends on the current state of your work and how much improvement you want to see.


If your story is in pretty good shape but you want to catch any lingering errors or typos, proofreading is probably sufficient. A proofreader will correct:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Inconsistent spacing or formatting
  • Small continuity issues or minor plot holes

Proofreading gives your work a final polish and ensures it’s as tidy as possible before sharing it with readers.


For manuscripts that need moderate revising, consider hiring a copy editor. Copy editors not only proofread for errors but also check for:

  • Awkward phrasing, repetition, or unclear language
  • Pacing or continuity problems
  • Inconsistency in characterisation or setting details
  • Unnecessary or distracting scenes that don’t advance the plot

A copy editor can strengthen your writing by suggesting rewording and restructuring, and flagging any parts that need significant reworking. They don’t rewrite anything themselves, but provide recommendations for you to implement.

Substantive (Developmental) Editing

If your story feels incomplete or disjointed, a substantive editor is what you need. Substantive editors evaluate:

  • The overall story structure, plot, setting, and character development
  • Whether themes and key elements are effectively conveyed
  • If the beginning, middle, and end are balanced and compelling
  • How well the details and events tie together and build upon each other

They may suggest adding, removing or rearranging scenes, combining or deleting characters, or strengthening themes. Substantive editing helps turn a rough draft into a cohesive, polished work. The editor and author collaborate to bring the story to its full potential. 

The level of editing you choose depends on your needs and budget. But no matter the type, a skilled Australian book editor can shape your story into its best form so you can share it with confidence.

How Much Does a Book Editor Cost in Australia?

So you’ve finished writing your book and now you’re ready to find an Australian book editor. But how much should you budget for professional editing services? Editing rates can vary significantly based on the editor’s experience and qualifications, the complexity of your book, and the level of editing needed.

Cost Factors to Consider

Several factors determine an editor’s fees:

  • Experience and qualifications. More experienced editors with higher qualifications and credentials typically charge higher rates. Look for editors with experience in your genre.
  • Type of editing. Substantive or developmental editing, which provides feedback on your book’s structure and content, costs more than proofreading or copyediting. Most authors invest in multiple rounds of editing.
  • Book length and complexity. Editing fees are usually calculated based on the word count of your book. More complex books with technical subjects or lots of visuals may cost more to edit.
  • Deadlines. Rush jobs or tight deadlines often incur higher fees. Give your editor adequate time to provide a quality edit.
  • Additional services. Extras like formatting, cover design or consulting on self-publishing will increase the total cost.

Our Rates 

Tier 1 Proofreading: $0.022 per word

Tier 2 Copyediting: $0.030 per word

Tier 3 Structural Editing: $0.037 per word

Manuscript Appraisals: $0.005 per word

Print Formatting: $1.50 per page

eBook Formatting: $1.00 per page

Novel Editing 

At All Written Things, our approach to novel editing and book editing takes into account the unique characteristics and requirements of each genre.

When it comes to novel editing, we understand that storytelling is paramount. Our editors delve deep into the narrative, focusing on plot development, character arcs, dialogue authenticity, and pacing. We pay meticulous attention to the author's voice and style, ensuring that it remains consistent and engaging throughout the manuscript. Moreover, we help authors spot and address plot holes and inconsistencies that might go unnoticed in the immersive world of fiction. Our goal is to elevate the novel to its highest potential while preserving the author's creative vision.

Book Editing 

In contrast, our approach to book editing for non-fiction works emphasises clarity, accuracy, and structure. Whether it's a textbook, self-help guide, or academic treatise, we understand the importance of organising information logically and coherently. Our editors meticulously fact-check and cross-reference content, ensuring that citations and references adhere to the relevant style guides. We work closely with authors to maintain the book's technical accuracy, especially in specialised fields. Additionally, our team is well-versed in handling visual elements, from tables and illustrations to charts and photographs, ensuring they enhance the book's comprehensibility. At All Written Things, we recognise that every genre deserves a tailored editing approach, and our commitment to excellence extends to both novels and non-fiction books.

Ready To Get Your Novel Publishable? 

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