Frequently Asked Questions | All Written Things


How do I know the editing will be worth my while?

Our editor is 100% certified to transform your story. With a Graduate Diploma from the University of Southern Queensland in the Editing and Publishing sector, we can guarantee improvements on your story. If credentials don’t phase you, let us prove our worth with a FREE one-page sample edit (not available for children’s picture books).

What do I do before submitting to an editor?

Make sure your novel is in its best possible shape before you submit. This way, our editor can spend most of their time bringing your book to the next level, instead of fixing errors that a basic spellchecker could find. Read through your story and self-edit it at least once before submitting.

What kind of editing will be best for me?

Different editing services are better for different stages of your work. At All Written Things, we offer a standard Copyedit (which focuses more on general spelling, story consistency and punctuation) and a combined Copy and Line Edit (which also evaluates the story structure line-to-line). Look at our Editing tab to find which would best suit you.

What genres are you experienced with?

While we have a cheeky preference for fiction, our editor has worked on books of all genres in their publishing career. If you are concerned your book might need a more experienced focus, contact us at to discuss your needs.



How much do you charge?

For our standard offerings (including small-scale edits and eBook conversion), pricing is transparent in the Products section. When it comes to editing, we often quote on a price-per-word structure unless the job is more complex. While this will be determined in the quoting stage, here is a basic price for our standard Copyedit: $0.010 per word.


As our services require hours of work, to ensure we will be compensated fairly, we require a 50% deposit of a service cost before starting on a project. This is a non-refundable deposit unless the author changes their mind before any work has begun on the service. These deposits are only required on large-scale formatting and editing. When it comes to the services in the Products section, the service must be paid in full before beginning as the costs are considerably low for their worth.


We do not offer refunds on our services as they require hours of work to complete. To compensate for our time, if you choose to back out of a project mid-way, we will bill you with an hourly rate in comparison to the original price-per-word cost. For our editing services, you will also be able to guarantee the quality before you begin, with our free one-page sample edit.