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eBook Formatting

$1.00 per page

We use our design software to
customise your eBook's style,
while ensuring it is compatible
and ready to upload on Kindle,
Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and
Google Play platforms.

*Text and novel formatting only

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Why Would You Need eBook Formatting?

At $1.00 per page

Formatting an eBook is like tailoring a digital outfit for your manuscript. Imagine your words as the fabric of a story, and eBook formatting is the art of stitching it into a readable and visually appealing garment that fits various digital devices.

First and foremost, it's about structuring your content. Just like chapters in a traditional book, eBooks have sections that need to flow logically. Headers and subheadings act as signposts, guiding readers through the narrative seamlessly. Ensuring that images and multimedia elements are not just crammed in, but are resized and positioned thoughtfully, is crucial. You wouldn’t want a picture to appear distorted or a video to play incorrectly, right?

Typography and fonts are the fonts and styles in which your words are presented. Think of them as the font style equivalent of choosing between casual and formal attire. Choosing the right font ensures your readers can comfortably engage with your content, without straining their eyes. Adjusting font size, line spacing, and margins helps in creating a visually pleasing reading experience.

One of the trickier parts is making sure your eBook is compatible across different devices. It's akin to making your outfit versatile enough to be worn at any occasion. Different eReaders and apps prefer different eBook formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, or PDF. Adhering to the specific guidelines of these formats ensures your eBook looks good and functions well, regardless of where it’s being read.

Lastly, testing is like trying on the outfit before a big event. You want to make sure everything fits just right. Testing your eBook on various devices and platforms ensures that readers won’t encounter any unexpected surprises, like odd formatting or broken links, providing a smooth reading experience.

So, in essence, eBook formatting is the art of tailoring your words for the digital world, ensuring they look and feel fantastic to readers no matter how or where they choose to read. 

How do we format eBooks at All Written Things?

Using a mix of design software and our own personal touches, we can ensure your eBook is easy to read, that the design represents your work, and that your audience finds your book memorable. Pricing and timelines depend on the size of your book and the formatting styles you wish to accomplish. Once the book has been designed and exported as an eBook, you will be able to upload it to Amazon, Ingram Spark, or another service that helps distribute your work.

We do not format picture books at this time, and mainly offer formatting services for standard novels.