Book Formatting

Using a mix of design software
and our own personal touches,
we can format a book to ensure
it is readable, memorable, and
ready for publishing.

*Text and novel formatting only

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What Is Book Formatting?

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Book formatting is the process of preparing a manuscript for physical publication. Think of it as giving your story a tangible form, transforming your words into a beautifully organised and visually pleasing book.

At its core, book formatting involves layout design. This includes deciding on the book size, margins, and the arrangement of text on each page. The goal is to create a balanced composition that’s easy on the eyes, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the narrative without distractions. Typography is another crucial element. Choosing the right font, font size, and spacing between lines and paragraphs ensures readability. It's like selecting the perfect font style that complements the tone and genre of your book.

Headers, footers, and page numbers are akin to the book's accessories. They provide essential navigational aids, guiding readers through chapters and sections. Consistency in these elements maintains a professional appearance. Moreover, images and illustrations need to be integrated harmoniously within the text, enhancing the reader's understanding of the content.

In addition to the aesthetic aspects, margins and gutters are carefully considered. Margins provide breathing room for the text, preventing it from feeling cramped, while gutters ensure that text near the binding is readable. This attention to detail is akin to ensuring the seams of a garment are well-stitched, contributing to the overall durability and attractiveness of the book.

Proofreading and editing go hand in hand with formatting. Just as you’d polish your appearance before a special occasion, a book undergoes rigorous editing to eliminate errors, refine language, and enhance clarity.

In summary, regular book formatting is an artful combination of design, typography, visual elements, and meticulous editing. It transforms a manuscript into a captivating, well-organised, and reader-friendly physical book, inviting readers to embark on a delightful literary journey.

How do we format books at All Written Things?

Using a mix of design software and our own personal touches, we can ensure your story is easy to read, that the design represents your work, and that your audience finds your book memorable. Pricing and timelines depend on the size of your book and the formatting styles you wish to accomplish. Once the book has been designed for print, you will receive a PDF file which you can hand over to your chosen professional printing service. 

We do not format picture books at this time, and mainly offer formatting services for standard novels.