The Best Writers Retreats In Queensland

The Best Writers Retreats In Queensland

Inspiration comes to us in different ways, but there’s one method that every writer has tried or wanted to try at some stage. We’re talking about a Writers Retreat. Disconnecting from daily life is a huge incentive to make sure you put pen to paper. Some writers venture out to remote areas and leave their phones behind, while others seek an experience to leap out at them and fall onto the page. No matter how you find inspiration, a writer's holiday is a great idea, as long as you fill it with events that you enjoy.

We’ve scoured the Sunshine State to find you a grab-bag of fantastic Queensland Writers Retreats that are sure to help inspire you! 

For Those Wanting To Return To Nature 

Pack the essentials, but leave the electronics at home (except for your trusty laptop, of course). These remote Queensland Writing Retreats are sure to help you finish that short story you’ve been itching to start, or wrap up the manuscript that’s been waiting for a serious edit. 

Cabin Stays At Mt Mee 

The classic Writers Retreat is a cabin stay far from the bustling city life, and Cabins @ the View offers exactly that while still being pretty close to the capital. 

If you’re a Brisbane local, this is just an hour’s drive away, with all the benefits of remote living. The mountain getaway offers clean air and stunning scenery of the 40-acre property. 

Explore at your own will during your peaceful interlude with nature. The cabins offer a cozy setting for you to write away without any distraction except the cool breeze. When it’s time to unwind, explore the huge property. And don’t worry about being too off the grid – this property is still a short drive away from some beautiful restaurants and cafes. Best of all, it’s quite affordable, costing $595 for four nights. 

Beachy Vibes at Hale Douglas 

If you want a cozy, tiny house holiday, set your sights on Hale Douglas, a stunning and compact, ecologically friendly home with a funky realtor beach aesthetic. Flooded with natural light and located in the lovely Noosa area, this spot is perfect for your next Writers Retreat! 

The tiny home features a skylight, floor-to-ceiling louvred windows and an open deck that leads to the decently sized lawn. If you’re someone who loves lots of natural light and close access to the beach, this hidden gem is a must-visit spot. 

Explore The Daintree At Cascades Cottage 

The ancient rainforest of the Daintree seems like a scene from another world. As you trek through the towering jungle, it’s easy to feel very small, both in presence and scale. This location sits inside the hundred-million-year-old rainforest, right beside a private crystal clear creek that visitors can splash around in! It’s an awe-inspiring and powerful place that promotes reflection and deep thinking. 

The Daintree Cascades wooden cabin is almost completely off the grid, with no public transport, or cell service within kilometres. Better yet, it’s completely self-sufficient, gathering hydroelectricity from the neighbouring creek!

This is a completely unique experience in one of the most stunning natural wonders of the world. There are few places in the world that can rival this Writing Retreat. 

Heritage Cabins In Gordon Country 

Enjoy the Australian landscape at its purest! Take your pick of several accommodation styles, from roughing it on the pristine 4,000 acres of Gordon Country mountain terrain to glamping or keeping cosy in a cabin or cottage. 

The beautifully restored heritage cabins will transport you back to earlier times, back when life was simple and the small things made the biggest difference. If you really want to experience a no distractions Writers Retreat, opt for one of the non-powered cabins or tents and write under a gas lamp late into the night. 

If modern luxuries are too hard to pass, then one of the four cottages will be the right choice for you. Unmistakably Australian designs are complimented by generous living conditions and cosy wood fireplaces in each house. These cottages have the best views on the entire property. Marvel from your balcony while you look out over the boundless landscape that is filled with natural wildlife and plants.  

One of the heritage cabins at Gordon Country Queensland would make a perfect writer’s retreat destination. - Image from Gordon Country.

For Those Chasing An Adventure 

Unlike our earlier recommendations, these are less defined. After all, a real adventure is filled with uncertainty. Go with the flow, roll with the punches, and fill your day with exploration and nights with inspired writing. 

An Island Adventure 

If you’re working on an island-hopping adventure, you won’t find a better location for inspiration than the Whitsundays. Explore the 74 islands that are situated right beside the famous Great Barrier Reef.

This is the premier spot in Queensland to sail, snorkel, and explore till your heart’s content. After you’ve returned from your archipelago adventure, the words of your latest action page-turner are almost guaranteed to write themselves. Best of all, there are plenty of accommodation options at all price points. 

An Option Closer To Brisbane 

The Sunken Ships off the coast of Moreton Island seem to be taken straight from a treasure-hunting novel. You can snorkel around the famous shipwrecks and hit the dusty tracks inside your 4WD. Explore the old World War II bunkers at Fort Bribie in Bribie Island by driving along the stretching sand bridge that connects it to the mainland. 

There are plenty of swimming holes to explore, and beach camping is a must if you want to feel like a character who’s lost on a deserted island or exploring a tropical location. If you’re lucky, you may even be greeted by all kinds of wildlife like dolphins and seals, which are often spotted in the waters. 

Outback Adventure

Australia’s outback is something powerful. Vast, rusty flats and rich red sand, it’s the perfect backdrop for a writing adventure. There are so many unique and colourful towns in central Queensland, so be sure to make a few stops! 

We recommend an outback road trip to really get the full Australian adventure experience. Just make sure you have the right car for the job and a car charger for your laptop so you can type away under the stars on the outback roads. 

For road trip rookies, Tourism Queensland recommends trying out the 5-Day Winton to Tambo trip that will take you through some of the outback's most favourite sites and most popular country towns. 

Group Writing Retreats

Do you struggle to write alone? Australia has a few great Group Writing Retreats to consider. These events come and go, but finding one can set you up with writing friends for life. 

Here are a few quick options to get you going: 

What To Do After Your Trip?

Hopefully you had a hugely successful Writing Retreat, and now you want to take the next steps with your project. All Written Things can help you get the best results from your stories. We offer comprehensive editing and consultation services as well as publishing help and marketing assistance for any budget. Contact us today and let’s make sure your story gets the attention it deserves. 

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